Il y a 100 ans

Robe Delphos à la façon de Mariano Fortuny

A la fin du XIX siècle Mariano Fortuny,redécouvre les tissus plissés anciens et en 1910 crée la robe Delphos en soie plissée, inspirée d'une  sculpture grecque. Il habillera l'actrice Sarah Bernardt et la danseuse Isidora Duncan.
Depuis lors, tous les grands créateurs de mode, de Dior à Balmain ont créé également de superbes modèles de vêtements en tissu plissé.

Mariano Fortuny  1871-1949 

Mariano Fortuny 1871-1949 was a Spanish painter and inventor. He designed scarves that paid homage to ancient Greece and Crete. Later he experimented with pleating fabrics so that they draped over the female body. A version of his Delphos Gown patented in 1909 was frequently worn by the dancer Isadora Duncan. The minutely pleated silk was a secret process and the glorious colours were produced using vegetable dyes, a refreshing change from the crude aniline dyes that had been recently used.

Robe dite "Delphos "en plissé de soie , ceinture en perles avec boucle, chaussures en cuir noir avec bride, pochette de soirée en brocard. Tour de cou avec petit brillant swaroski


4 commentaires:

  1. Sympa le look de ce plissé , cela donne envie de toucher !

  2. Superbe! et très bien documenté comme toujours! Bravo Béatrice!

  3. I have been a long time fan of Fortuny, his fabrics and dresses are so beautiful. You did a great job on the Delphos.

    It is funny how this coincides with something I am doing full size...The school in our village has its 100th anniversary this year and we are all asked to dress up in the style of 1910. I have been looking through many fashion books and dress patterns to find the right dress to make. The most difficult thing will be the hat!

  4. Hello Josje,
    Many thanks!Doing the hat must be very difficult . With Poiret , you have also the turban , easier!
    Send me a picture of your choice for the dress. I love so much this period and Fortuny was a master. If you need more pictures, do not hesitate.


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